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Dr. Amy's plan really works-I'm at the lowest weight I've ever been, but I'm never hungry and I don't have to count calories!  I've tried a lot of other plans over the years, but this is the first plan I found that is really sustainable. 

Thank you Dr. Amy!  

     -Lindsay B.

Dr. Amy's plan has helped me succeed where others have failed.  I prefer this way of eating and will gladly eat this way forever!  Major accomplishment!

     -Anna N.

The Whole Food approach really works!  I don't have to count calories, but I'm still getting the results I was looking for.  Dr. Amy is personable, knowledgeable, and responsive to my needs.

     -Sara C.

Dr. Amy is an expert.  At first I thought she was going to put me on a special diet-but she’s not like that.  She really listened to me and helped me figure out what was and wasn’t realistic for me given my health history and work schedule. I feel like I’ve finally found someone who can really help me get on the right track with my eating and health goals!

     -Renae B.

Dr. Amy is always quick to respond to my questions and gives me constructive feedback on my food choices and health goals.  

     -Bill P.

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