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Privacy Policy

Protecting your data and ensuring your privacy is of utmost important to Whole Food Is Medicine.


When you sign up for services through Whole Food Is Medicine, you will receive a welcome email from "Healthie Notifier" on behalf of Whole Food Is Medicine.  Healthie is a secure platform fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA).  You will be invited to create your own personal and secure account through Healthie.  You will use your secure Healthie account for video conferencing, secure messaging, and health goal logging and tracking.  

Whole Food Is Medicine is contracted to provide all telehealth services through the online platform called "Healthie".  This platform uses secure socket layers to ensure data security and industry-leading cryptography techniques to keep your password and data safe. Videoconferencing is conducted over an encrypted network, and meetings are not recorded. Most importantly, only you and your provider will have access to information that you post and store on Healthie, and your pictures, notes, and comments are protected and will never be published without your explicit written consent.

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